Full Moon 01 04 2015: Cancer and going Deeper

Full Moon January 04, 2015 @ 14 deg. 31 min. Cancer 11:53 p.m. EST 08:53 p.m. PST

There is nothing you can see that is not a flower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon. ~Matsuo Basho, 17th century poet

full moon chart 1 4 15Last year began with a New Moon in Capricorn literally the opposite to how this year begins with a Full Moon in Cancer. 2014 began with the energy and influence of Saturn
immersed in Scorpio leading a chart intent upon peeling away and finding the essential ‘structure’ beneath. With Saturn in trine aspect to Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter we could not help but examine the hand that rocks the cradle, questioning the role of the hand; aware of its function and therefore free of its influence.

The new cycle includes liberation from dependency. And now we approach 2015 from an emotionally more mature place with greater awareness of our motivations. In the dawning of a new year we are treated to a realization via the moon in its own sign of Cancer as it opposes the sun and squares the north and south node; that the ‘path’ to unity (north node in Libra), and beyond suffering is through recognition of the completeness of the individual self (south node in Aries) and in need of nothing external to Self as Self is everything.

The deep feeling nature of Cancer as it ‘sees’ via the inherent confident knowing of Capricorn provides a glimpse of Reality that offers ultimate security as there is nothing missing and there is nothing to do that will alter this Reality. Meanwhile it is observed that everything else changes and is temporary.

The potential is for becoming flexible and flowing with the innate rhythm that permeates all things. Gratitude for being here to witness and experience everything that occurs and for the awareness that arises as a result of surrender. Surrender that is a result of no longer being convinced that I am right. (based on the 5th harmonic of this Full Moon chart that has 6 planets in mutable signs including the sun/moon). The potential is going with the flow.

The test is taking the initiative to step forward in this authenticity and to shrug off the tendency for repetitive expression based on the past. In this moment there is only this reality. In this moment everything exists simultaneously as an expression of the Absolute: def.= free of external references or relationships, not limited in any way. The test is in letting go.

The service is through persistence, maintenance, single minded focus and determination to uphold that which has been gained. To deepen the roots of knowing and share the wisdom that resides in abundance in the heart of our being. (based on the 9th harmonic chart where the sun/moon are in fixed signs). The service is in Being.

The harmonic charts are a slice of the natal chart that are arrived at by division of 360 degrees by 5=72 deg. The septile aspect, 7=51.4—deg. The quintile aspect, 9=40 deg. The novile aspect.

At 14 degrees Cancer this Full Moon is influenced by the star Sirius at the same location, the brightest star in the heavens. Sirius has a long history as a navigational point and by its rising just before the sun, a precursor of the flooding of the Nile. What is it we are being guided toward and what abundance will be the result of this journey? To answer this question consider the role of the outer planets in this chart. At 12 or 13 degrees they promote freedom, independence and awakening (Uranus 12 deg. Aries), elimination and transformation (Pluto 13 deg. Capricorn conjunct the sun) and healing (Chiron 13 deg. Pisces) as they aspect directly the Sun/Moon axis.

This is not new of course, the square for example between Uranus and Pluto has just occurred for the 6th time. The 7th and last aspect is in March of this year. These planets have an ongoing relationship of evolving consciousness the results of which are evident in Truth arising.

Neptune, the planet that urges one to go deeper and creates apparent confusion in relation to ordinary reality is at 5 degrees Pisces and in this Full Moon chart opposes Black Moon Lilith and conjuncts the point of fortune.

What this means is discovering the Truth that lies beneath the fear (Black Moon Lilith) of our own nature; in some way confronting the fear of annihilation. This is our greatest desire and where we will find greatest fulfillment (point of fortune). With the BML in Virgo, the objective is to realize one self as perfect or absolute, not in need of anything; that is a dualistic objective, attaining what we think we lack. Neptune stands as the mirror in this opposition, ‘you are not what you appear to be’. In other words you are not your mind/body but that which is when all else has been defined. The nebulous quality of Neptune results from the minds inability to comprehend its meaning which lies beyond relative experience.

The opposition of Neptune and BML is squared by Saturn at 1 degree Sagittarius so that focus and determination are added to a desire to know Self. There is no fear or hesitancy with Saturn in Sagittarius but rather a persistent calling to show up in authenticity. Old patterns of authoritarianism are replaced with a longing to disseminate Truth and share the light. The arrow that Sagittarius directs upward has the potential to illuminate as it crosses the skies and expands our vision. This supported by Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aquarius the sign of freedom and enlightenment. How we think and communicate, what we want and how we act become communal or collectively centered. Personal acquisition makes little sense. We open up even more to this experience as one with everything and in the big picture find peace in knowing it is all Love. Deep abidance in the heart confirms this.

During these several days before and after this Full Moon in Cancer express gratitude for the guidance you receive, the abundance that is everywhere in your life and the gift of being here with open eyes!

Thank you and blessings for this amazing life.

2015: The year of Mastery!

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. ~Albert Einstein

8 strength tarot 01 01 15

The topic for 2015 is mastery! = number 8. Last year, a 7, was a string of tests and challenges presented by Saturn as it proceeded through Scorpio focusing on the ‘nitty gritty’. What is revealed is the bare bones of the individual self; what is driving us home at this time. Whatever is the next step in the unfolding, we do that with mastery!

The 8th major arcana card of the tarot deck is Strength. It exudes calm confidence as many tests have already been successfully completed. The taming of the beast puts one in a place of no longer being controlled by the ’ego’, free to create in the moment unencumbered by patterns based on the past. The clearest representation of this symbol is found in the classic Rider-Waite deck. The card is a simple illustration of the mastery of an aspect of human nature requiring integration and balancing in a non forceful way.

Saturn moved into Sagittarius on the 23rd of December! We are on the way to disciplined but bold and determined expression of truth, wisdom and authenticity! However, considering the often unyielding nature of Saturn we should be prepared also for the continued assertion of beliefs that still motivate various cultures and organizations. In Sagittarius is a surety that can promote radical behaviour for the sake of the cause. Mastery of self that leads to awareness of Self and the subsequent dissipation of suffering.

Mindfulness that we create with clarity and re-engaging the power of discernment so that the individual is freed to make decisions that serve the highest good. Though this is the year of the ‘sheep’ we will not be led. We are talking about the ferocity and determination of the mountain goat, the big horned sheep that perch confidently on even the narrowest ledge. Successful in business and community cohesiveness. If you choose confrontation you will find your self butting heads with the wind. Therefore establish no mind, aikido mind and dance with the Self.

The topic for 2015 is Love—there is nothing else—and you as an individual expression of that, nothing more, nothing less.

So what about love? Now we come to the deepest mystery…Always unconditionally there is love. When this is seen, even the most ordinary moment becomes vividly alive. ~Richard Sylvester

What we ‘do’ with that expression is the most natural thing possible. It is not possible to not be a natural expression of that. To say that I seek to know my ‘true’ self is impossible. This is it, in this moment now. As Richard Sylvester says, “We want what is with a cherry on top.” The cherry is a representation of the ego exerting itself. It is a complete redundancy. I know this to be everything but I want more?

In the meantime we traverse the moment on our way to realization of this Truth and the glorious sense of freedom resulting from knowing there is nothing that I need do to make anything happen. We stop suffering.

In suffering, I am something. In understanding, I am nothing.
In love, I am everything. ~Rupert Spira

So what are we doing here? Knowing liberation, savoring every step toward complete liberation. Every time ‘I act’ in authenticity and awareness “I’ experience freedom. Realizing it adds to this sense until there is no awareness of any difference between anything and another thing. It is aware, awake and love.

Do we continue to create a story here? Yes, until we are no longer dependent upon that story. What is it about 2015 that might seemingly further us in awakening to seamless existence? The ability to master the chaos or illusion is strong this year. Each individual has the potential to step out of self judgment and insecurity to fully embrace the gifts and talents that most serve this individual and in turn the collective. Effective leadership and conscious interaction determine a more balanced and peaceful way of engaging here.

We will see that nothing stands still and that therefore there is nothing to which we can attach our selves or that whatever we are attached to has little meaning in the evolving landscape. The recognition that really, nothing has meaning is a beautiful introduction to a road less traveled perhaps, but none the less one that has called to all of us throughout our experience here. When it is the only call one hears we add our footprints to those who eventually gain great clarity and the opportunity to reflect this light to others. 2015 is therefore, also a call to those who teeter on the edge of this Reality; to gather the light and dispel the chaos. The major arcana card that depicts this notion is the 20th card Judgment.

judgment 01 01 15

The souls rising from the coffin have heard the angelic trumpets sounded and once this has occurred there is no turning back. The rhythm that is our essence is felt increasingly, impelling us to deeper and deeper realization that happens now as the natural outcome of deleting all ‘clothing’ from days, weeks, years and centuries gone by. There is a moment of rejoicing as one comes into head on collision with that which we have most desired—liberation from the illusion—we have awoken! Every year is a grand year in which to experience illumination. 2015 however has the highly advantageous position of following upon all that has been accomplished before.

In love, mastery and wisdom greet the sunrise of this day! And blessings for inner peace.

The angel for 2015 is Araquiel: master of earth.
The color is silver/lemon.
The elements are fire and ice.

The turning point February 8th.

Good Monday Morning…for the Love of…

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”–Paramahansa Yogananda (courtesy jonroumain.com)

…sharing the richness of the moment and all its inseparable beauty; instantly joining the effervescence of light and joy that illuminate this experience of pure Being. Let us join hands and spread the wealth!