Life After Life

“All die but there is no grief because the Indweller lives. Death is only the 5 elements returning to themselves.”–Papaji

The question that asks, “is there an afterlife?” has been answered many, many times by people who have experienced near death and also by those people who have had contact with loved ones who have crossed over. When we pass out of physical life it is clear that something continues. We drop the body but continue to explore ‘our karma’.

for life after life blogHaving seen many people in various stages of existence after they leave this plane, it appears that we continue to explore a reality perpetuated by the mind minus some of the debilitating beliefs that inform us in duality. The desire is to heal and bring peace to whatever dissonant situations remain and to assist those who remain to open to greater clarity. We all grow and evolve together.

In a recent session the following transpired. A gentle woman, with kind heart was commenting on her brother’s passing within the last year. He quickly made him self available to us with a real desire to relate to his sister his current situation. Through visual and auditory assistance he let her know that he was very happy, light and without pain or concern; that life is not something that one lives in despair but should be approached with simple joy. As he left us, he walked into a beautiful light-filled landscape of  fields and mountains. At his right side was a big, long haired dog that the sister was able to identify as a friend his brother had lost some years previously. The sun was rising between the mountain peaks as a symbol of the transition he had experienced since his departure.

Service we provide is limitless. A young man who was treasured in this life and a remarkable spokesperson for his peer group died in a motorcycle accident at age 24. In the many communications we have, he shows  his love for guiding  children who make the transition as well as bringing clarity to many friends and family members regarding the whole concept of death and life. With humour and great compassion he continues to guide us to ‘be’ the love and beauty that is everything and to release emotions that resist what ‘is’.

When a clients mother passed away recently just two days passed before she made her presence known. It was clear that she had a message to share. As it turned out she wanted to make sure someone found the money that she had put away in a small purse in her bedroom. A couple of weeks later, while cleaning and moving things out of the house, the purse was found in the sock drawer containing 5,000.00.

Others require ‘time’ and solitude before moving forward. A woman,  friend to a client, had passed away after many years here. It had been a tumultuous life. When we checked in to observe her a few months later, the visual was of her reclining on a soft nest of pink clouds with two men standing at the foot of her ‘bed’. What she conveyed to us was how tired she was after so much turmoil and a desire to sleep for as long as necessary before anything else. The men were a former husband and a family member who occasionally stood by her for ‘reassurance’. 

The stories of the sharing that continues after we leave the body are numerous and often cathartic. For those on ‘the other side’, locating someone who is available to listen is valuable for resolving unfinished business. It is an honour to provide this service.

2 thoughts on “Life After Life”

  1. Anna,
    What you’re doing here is so good, it’s nourishing to read your words with
    the stories. I hear that you feel honored to provide this service, and I admire
    and respect you and what you bring to this, and the gifts you bring to life, to
    the present moment.
    You are a beautiful blessing to all who encounter you!

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