About Anna

In 1998 after listening to a composition by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, Anna experienced an awakening. Prometheus, Poem of Fire was written using what Scriabin referred to as the “chord of the pleroma” which was designed to afford instant apprehension of–“that is”…to reveal what was in essence beyond the mind of man to conceptualize. Its preternatural stillness was a gnostic intimation of a hidden otherness. This chord has been renamed the ‘mystic’ chord for its potential to bring one to a different level of knowing.

The desire to ‘be’ in the same place from which Scriabin composed his later works resulted in years of exploration into deep intuitive abilities and the nature of existence. Through various healing experiences and meditation practices including Kriya Yoga and Qi Gong, Anna arrived at the doorstep of nonduality. It was during a 2011 satsang with the nondual teacher Bob Nickel that another awakening occurred. The result of this is clarity and a desire to be of service that is the dominant focus in Anna’s life; to assist ‘seekers’ to know their true nature and to step out of the suffering that has defined human experience.

If I seek the way let it be shown that what I seek is right here in this moment. I need not go anywhere to realize Truth.

In the process of shedding the illusion there are helpful tools that provide insight and inspiration for eventual awakening. Anna communicates with family and friends that have crossed over who offer a glimpse into the lightness that results when we have risen out of the density of duality. Many questions are answered and it is seen that we all work together to promote ‘peace of mind’ and the freedom to Be the Love that is our true nature.

We need not suffer when we have no beliefs that limit us or emotional attachments that deny us flight. Anna, with simple abiding, shines light where shadows fall, facilitates clarity where confusion resides.

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