Wild, Being

When we quit thinking primarily about our selves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” ~Joseph Campbell

In our journey to ‘the mountain top’, to the illumined plane of crystal clarity and stillness we will not succeed by neglecting any aspect of the experience. Whatever we deny follows us, we are the ancient mariner bearing a burden of our own creation much to our detriment. We’ve been carrying our burdens for centuries. Ignoring them achieves very little.

The journey from the weight of oppressive conditioning to the pristine landscape of Being, the plateau of observation without judgment, of accepting what is, presents itself in several stages. Each one we rise to in our own good time, when we are ready. There is therefore, nothing to fear. Our guide on this journey has infinite and eternal wisdom. It is with us all the time but the mind prefers to perpetuate the notion of its dominance.

(On this journey everyone is unique although we have a collective desire. Nothing is written in stone and most importantly everything is based on experience through the lens of the experiencer.)

There isn’t any particular order related to one’s journey. Everything happens simultaneously and a good deal occurs of which we are often initially ignorant.

There is a desire to rise above, to see without the tainted view. This pre-exists, smolders in some and is a roaring fire in others. They say, this is based upon the degree to which we have performed repeatedly our actions here—earth the school for learning. Of course it makes sense! Or, its the best story we have! In a nutshell, there is ever present energy that is all things moving everything in like manner. We embellish upon this to our heart’s desire. Whatever it takes to help us navigate the severe turbulence en route to the stillness.

Briefly, our story may look something like: a. the desire b. awareness of more (such as feeling the inter-connectedness of self with nature/cosmos) c. experiencing connection with ‘more’ while healing emotional trauma–healing begins to release old patterns of behaviour–lightens the load and frees one to realize the clarity that pre-exists conditioning.

Essentially, we work our way through our inherited tendencies and can take a deep breath into possibility. The possibility of knowing ‘thyself’ as infinite potential, not the body/mind. The benefit of becoming conscious of the road we navigate is to actively participate with our awakening. We can tend to resist less and surge ahead courageously. Obstacles shrink and the intensity of arising emotional content becomes more bearable..

In David Abram’s book, The Spell of the Sensuous he talks about the decline of humanity’s ability to know this pre-existent energy that is everything. He illuminates for us the importance of regaining our connection to ‘nature’ on our way to embracing so much technology as technology is human-based, while our energy is eternal source.

It is often said that the human mind is an aspect of source and cannot understand the nature of source. As such, and according to Einstein our solutions cannot come from that which is based upon past experience or the human experience. Magic, is how we refer to occurrences beyond human endeavour and it is magic we revere as miracle maker.

“Without such wild otherness (Abram refers to all the evidence in nature of the pre-existant energy e.g. “the complex intelligence of an old growth forest dank with mushrooms and bracket fungi”) there is no magic.”

It may not be enough to deeply appreciate wild otherness but to know it as ‘my self’. That realization is part of the unfolding of consciousness that occurs as we accept and move deeper. The word ‘otherness’ then, actually disappears. The notion of a separate identity dissipates along with our frequency of taking things personally that is one source of so much suffering.

This New Moon at 1 degree of Capricorn provides a window of opportunity to consolidate our thoughts toward a single focus. We accomplish one step at a time without distraction. What do I envision for the New Year?

As Jupiter has just switched signs from Pisces into Aries and squares Sun/Moon, the prevailing energy pushes for progress. Jupiter represents our wisdom, our faith, growth/expansion and optimism. Jupiter is the Guru, the higher attributes of mind that uplift the soul.

Capricorn is the practical idealist and has the determination to surmount all obstacles en route to the peak of experience. They have the power to manifest based on their use of the resources available and their understanding of the underlying structure necessary for achievement. There are rules to follow that lead one to the effortless expression of Being here.

With Saturn as the director of Capricorn, we will learn our lessons in order to escape the confines that lessons and rules establish for us.

“It (Saturn) is solely committed to educating us…and pushing us to become the most mature versions of our selves…” ~Subham Dhanawat, Bodhi.app

When we are aware of what lies on the other side of our education we approach it with enthusiasm. Jupiter in the first sign of Aries is all about enthusiasm and a can do attitude. This is a moment to stand tall, confident that we create our reality and our potential to do so is limitless. It is knowing self as creator that gives one ultimate freedom and profound confidence.

As a collective, the energy of this New Moon launches us into a vital experience of knowing the ease and grace with which we manifest our vision. Mercury the planet of communication and how we think sextiles (60 degree aspect that presents a challenge yet provides a flow of energy that is helpful in successfully meeting the challenge) Neptune, embodying ‘spirit’, idealism and sometimes downright fantasy. This combination could result in dreams that apparently go nowhere. Dreaming is great! Having an additional means of bringing dreams into physical reality is optimal.

In this New Moon chart, Saturn the planet most invested in practical application is positioned at the mid-point of the Mercury/Neptune sextile. It intercepts the dream and urges one to focus on results. Mercury in Capricorn is also highly result oriented. Neptune in Pisces says, ‘there are no limits’.

Another characteristic associated with Capricorn is reverence; the appreciation for recognizing the underpinnings that support human endeavour. Reverence for the magic and how everything unfolds with perfection. Knowing this increases the success with which one handles all the various details of daily existence.

It may not surprise us to be called to involve one self with any expression that allows for a connection with these underpinnings. It is a strong and intentional way of launching one self into the new experience.

There are numerous forms of ritual one can perform that serve this purpose from the simplicity of lighting a candle, blessing our experience and asking that ‘I be open to receiving the plenitude that is my nature’, to the more complex shamanic practice of sweat lodge, calling in the four directions and aligning with spirit animal totems to connect us to our roots.

Prayer is a sublime meditation that also helps us connect to source. There is a reverence in prayer that can instantly cross the veil. We are not necessarily referring to prayer that is a plea for something. It is prayer that simply intends to align with higher consciousness. I like what Hippocrates offers as a little bit of advice about prayer.

Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the Gods a man should himself lend a hand.” ~Hippocrates

In other words going into prayer without the expectation of receiving any thing other than a deeper sense of peace. And we till the ground for such to occur.

And truly, it is good to remember that the source of all creation is right here in this one, in this moment.

We pray with faith, knowing this.

During the week I chatted with a young woman from eastern Europe as I was waiting for my tea. She shared with me, ‘A saying from my country, if you want to go down the slide, be sure to bring the slide.’ Simply a reminder of the aforementioned. Our reality is in our own hands. This knowledge is uplifting and empowering! The very way we are determined to greet this New Year!

Don’t let the lure of the dramatic arc distract you from the digressive amplitude of being alive.” ~Galen Strawson Daily Good 12.1


In this moment ENTHUSIASM inhabits
these bits of now.
I enjoy this!
White caps, wind!
Gulls swept away by turbulence.
Trees, gleeful I imagine,
as they dance.
The wildness, when nature speaks
with enthusiasm is I!
Never not, never ventured
even a centimetre away 
from this truth.
I know it, you know it!
Just stand and watch the waves
return to the shore. 


was the ocean not or the moon?
the wind that circles here
and upon which our deep memories glide.
Ridges rise up from the sea, seem to float as 
they gather mist at dusk, at dawn. Their roots
hidden from view. 

fantasize of some mythic origin
and mythic beasts that
exist only in memory. Shift my gaze--
when was the sky not or the horizon line
that bisects above and below yet deeper than I see.
Yes, when was that not, when was I not. 

We are ‘a work of art’

New moon March 2022

I think of a great work of art as like a moon shining in the night sky: it illuminates the world, yet its light is not its own but borrowed from the hidden sun of the absolute.” ~The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

This passage went straight to my heart. For awhile I didn’t know why. Didn’t think why. But on a stroll along Shoreline park, observing so many people with children, with dogs, all an interwoven and integral tapestry, and the ever present glow that emanates from such every day scenes, it seemed obvious that each and every one of us is the moon, a great work of art, and in the sharing we radiate that which cannot be hidden in spite of some of our unconscious efforts.

Light shines from the most painful occurrences. The seed that was planted somewhere along the timeline sprouts from the driest, most inhospitable circumstances. Everything we learn in the journey brings us closer to the realization that whatever ‘I’ accomplish, whatever light I share I share with you and you with me and every ‘thing’ that graces our world.

Great works of art soothe our souls, bring to mind human capacity for suffering; the depths to which our human emotional selves dive, linger and rise again. All radiate the beauty of being here. Though we whine and complain, churn up drama about circumstances in our lives, beneath it all, surrounding it all is the ever present knowing that this is not Truth but a reality conjured and repeated based on thoughts we have also been sharing for a very long time.

Everything here is shared. What feels quite like an individual experience is also a collective journey. The more we open to our selves and risk exposing our vulnerability to others the stronger we become. Alignment with the natural flowing universal ‘way’ engages us in pure Being that delights us beyond reason. This touches everything. The moon, with its capacity to enchant is merely a reflection of the light that underlies existence; from which all things unfold.

Theoretical Physicist David Bohm (1917-1982) “conceived a new scientific approach to reality based on an understanding of the totality and oneness of existence as an unbroken and seamless whole.” ~Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

What enlightened masters realized centuries ago has been given substantiation through scientific observation and analysis. In Unfolding Meaning, A Weekend of Dialogue with David Bohm he explains fully his theories that include ‘implicate order’ (enfolding universe) and ‘explicate order’ (unfolding order). Not enough room here to discuss. He does talk about holomovement (holo, Greek for whole) as “the basic reality, at least as far as we are able to go, and that all entities…are features of the holomovement…”

If we talk about wholeness and wish to bring astrology for this New Moon into the conversation then Pisces is the sign which best describes the seamless whole. Pisces New Moon at 12 degrees 7 minutes is an expression of the limitless, unbounded whole.

Pisces is the soul, the ultimate mystical union with all, wordless sound, felt sense.” ~Cerena Childress, AstrologicalNow.com

Pisces New Moon with absence of light promotes seeking ‘answers’ from the light that is ever present, shines from within. The desire is to expand our capacity to radiate that automatically contributes to a pervasive ‘lightening’. Jupiter co-ruler of Pisces is at 14 degrees Pisces, conjunct the New Moon and a major player in the events that promote growth and utilization of wisdom. As circumstances appear to be devolving into greater chaos it is beneficial to also sense the deeper level of healing and maturation that occurs as a natural process of evolution.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Pisces is ‘a sword used in many battles is now in a museum.’ We have the potential to see the past displayed before us and make a collective choice to avoid repetition when it is clear that some of what has occurred in the past does not serve us.

Applying sound logic is one way of progressing based on facts rather than emotion and fiction. Saturn conjunct Mercury in Aquarius in this New Moon chart amplifies the powers of reason but can have a ruthless edge when considering collective good. Deleting individual priority in favour of what serves community may not please us. Clearly there is movement that is the result of centuries of activity contributed to by all of us that is an ongoing process, like an enormous juggernaut, that will not be stopped. Best to go with the flow.

A third exact conjunction in this chart is the Pluto, Mars, Venus aspect in Capricorn that points to the elimination of structure that supports an antiquated perspective of what we desire (Venus) and how we go about attaining that (Mars). There are many possibilities with this trio. The underlying energy though is one that seeks to continue the disintegration of dualistic notions that continue to create separation.

As we progress further from the Kali Yuga (the darkest time for human development) into the

Dwapara Yuga on way to the Golden Age, belief systems that do not serve the evolutionary ‘intent’ are naturally falling away. On an individual basis we are unaware of all that this entails. We can however become aware of this flow that is everything including me and you and intend to freely follow that flow.

A point for possible consideration, the exact square between Uranus and the asteroid Juno. Juno “embodied traditional ideas of monogamy and marriage.” ~Astrology.com This butting heads with Uranus the planet of revolution for evolution and taking into consideration the Pluto (destruction), Mars (yang) Venus (yin) conjunction speaks of a concentrated energy that pushes us to reconsider the basis of what defines us. Big stuff for these dynamic times! Nothing that ‘we’ are not ready for or cannot handle.

The Eight Brocades

September New Moon; and the Eight Pieces of the Silk Brocade

I was sitting by the ocean one late summer afternoon, watching the waves rolling in and feeling the rhythm of my breathing, when suddenly I became aware of my whole environment as being engaged in a gigantic cosmic dance… I “saw” cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I “saw” the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I “heard” its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the Dance of Shiva, the Lord of Dancers, worshiped by the Hindus.” —Fritjof Capra

This quote I came upon recently describes perfectly how I was going to begin this article—with my experiences of doing Qi Gong (the Eight Pieces of the Silk Brocade) by the ocean. Fritjof Capra is a physicist and ‘deep ecologist’ who promotes the inherent worth of all living beings…

While I move slowly and from a place of deep knowing the mind is still, giving space for feeling into life that is everywhere. Time does not exist. There is openness. Sense of self vanishes. ‘I’ am the ocean, sand, cliffs behind and I soar with the pelicans gliding in platoon. Quiet, peace, swirling, unfolding, the universe flows—we flow—without focusing on our numerous thoughts, time and reference to the many details that define our reality cease to exist. There is freedom. Freedom from the relentless way in which we can drive our selves. Freedom to, just Be.

The Eight Pieces of the Silk Brocade (the 8 brocades) is a Qi gong practice a thousand years old that a young chinese general developed for his troops to enhance all of their abilities.

This practice is based on finding a graceful and fluid rhythm among your own integral energies. Each movement relates to an organ encouraging harmony throughout the body and a positive flow of energy.

When the body is in harmony it is one with the universal flow of energy. We are one with that. There is no separation.

Qi Gong is a strategy for freedom from our cage of isolation.” ~Garri Garripoli, Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance

Qi Gong is empowering and stilling. As our fears subside, confidence increases and we are able to move through life with grace just as we do with the movements of Qi Gong.

A knowing is instilled through repetitive practice that cannot be defined by the mind. It feels so ‘right’ that it cannot be denied.

Qi Gong practice is perfect to consider during this New Moon in Virgo. The natural characteristics of Virgo, quiet, patient, observant, skilled, focused and dedicated are qualities that contribute to the mastery of such an art. And in the process of relieving our selves of old resistances we notice a lightness and peace that takes up residence. Feeling good is associated with the letting go and releasing that happens during practice.

This is an active New Moon chart as it includes an exact trine with the evolutionary giant Uranus. Will of the people, less focus on the individual. Universal causes, unity, no separation, equality, freedom. The energy of Uranus is electric, shocking, rebellious in its quest to liberate and wake us up! Therefore it would not be unusual for the individual to be feeling an extra level of tension cultivated by the tendency toward resistance that most humans feel when urged to change and the high voltage insistence of Uranus.

“Uranus brings with it a new way of looking at things, and its approach is best met with an expanded consciousness.” ~www.astrology.com

Seeing beyond the habitual is easier with Uranus in play. As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus is about insight and knowing rather than thinking. It’s view is of the big picture and so demands that we open up to what is outside of our normal range of view. This might be a challenge for Virgo who prefers to deal with what is observable and practical.

This is where Qi Gong is a powerful tool for transformation and can be appealing to Virgo—taking practical steps through Qi Gong movement is all that is necessary the rest happens without our interference. There is nothing more to do.

Doing is the realm of Mars, also found in Virgo currently. This combination is action with precision and very beneficial for focusing the energy during a Qi Gong routine.

Mars is the planet of “do” and Virgo is the sign of “do it efficiently.” While Mars moves through Virgo, we’re able to figure out where to cut the fat…”

There is the additional energy of Neptune to consider here though, as Neptune is in opposition to Mars.

“Mars in Virgo retrograde is a powerful healer who goes inside the inside to heal you. Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Neptune is the healer healing the healer. Hands-on, hands-off, doesn’t matter. And the message that heals is nothing you can grasp with the mind which Virgo finds… uncomfortable.~www.moonplutoastrology.com

It may feel uncomfortable, the lack of definition, however through Qi Gong the purpose of not being able to grasp ‘it’ with the mind becomes evident as we have mentioned all along. Let go and trust. One step at a time, one movement at a time and all questions become irrelevant even for the short time one is immersed in the Qi Gong dance. 

With Jupiter in Aquarius inconjunct or quincunx Mars, when the action is for expansion and moving with the Universal flow, it feels balanced, harmonious and ‘perfect’. If there is doubt and deliberation about any ‘this or that’, the discomfort will be noticeable. 

The trine to Mars from Pluto is a powerful energy to eliminate any tendencies that are limiting action toward greater self awareness. All the planetary players are in alignment to help us reach our most desired goals. There isn’t much that needs to be done except follow the movement and relax!

Video: Mimi Kuo-Deemer demonstrating the Eight Pieces of the Silk Brocade


New Moon June

June 10, 19 degrees 47 minutes Gemini @ 3:53 a.m. PT

The New Moon is the time to set your intention for the coming month, be it for a new project, idea, plan, thought, relationship, job, etc. This is the day to invite change into your life and be open to new possibilities. There’s a pioneering quality and innocence to the New Moon and it’s also a vulnerable time of unknowing.” –Internet source

Gemini generally is out going: communicative, social, exploring, learning through daily experience. During this New Moon however, when we naturally seek a quieter place for contemplation as we plant the seeds that will blossom as our new visions, the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is in retrograde motion. Planets in retrograde motion slow down. Gives us time to think before we act.

Often with Mercury in retrograde motion communication of all kinds can be challenging. Patience is required. And when patience is required we take a step away from our usual ways of responding, expressing, reacting. Mercury retrograde is conjunct the Sun and Moon and so the mind, practicing patience, has opportunity to reset, re-evaluate, re-think some of the beliefs that have been motivating and influencing us; to be aware of what is on a level beyond our conditioned thoughts.

You may feel somewhat confused about who you are and what you want during this retrograde (Mercury). However, it’s only revealing the deeper layers of yourself, encouraging you to look a little more closely at your identity. Engage with the process of discovering yourself all over again. Chances are, there are aspects of yourself that you never truly acknowledged or respected the way you should have. Connect with a deeper confidence.”–Internet source

Often, within is what we are less familiar with. Without is a habituated experience. We see, hear, smell and are attuned to everything that goes on around us in physical reality for numerous reasons. This is fine. We can notice at the same time that in this physical reality is lack of permanence. What is, when all physical phenomenon cease to exist? Or what is it that precedes and succeeds all phenomenon? Looking within so to speak leads to greater awareness of a deeper Truth.

These kinds of questions might find there way to the surface whilst we are immersed in the energies of the New Moon and particularly when Mercury is retrograde. The usual answers that may be practical and rational do not seem to suffice now. Inward seeking can provide answers that elude us otherwise.

The Gemini mind will ‘seek’ answers, by nature they are seekers. And when the realm of questions dwindles to just a very few, the answers begin to lie not in words (Gemini forte) but in knowing. Finally Gemini becomes silent. During this New Moon such silence may be pervasive—and welcomed.

Therein are our answers, in the stillness that will dispel confusion, avoid distraction and encourage us to not be dismayed, for instance, by the Neptune square the Sun and Moon but to realize the gift of no boundaries, no limitations that Neptune represents. It is the nebulous quality attributed to Neptune that leads to astrologers describing Neptune as creating confusion.

Neptune can be a great gift, but it is important to stay grounded, as it easily looses touch with reality.”–Internet source

The gift of Neptune is suspending beliefs in order to ‘imagine’ the unimaginable. Neptune is a doorway from the power of the mind/ego to what is beyond thinking; what lies between the warp and the weft or the structure that defines our human experience. It is no wonder that Neptune is not easily expressed in words as it’s territory lies beyond definition. Any confusion related to Neptune’s influence is simply us unable to grasp with the mind the Truth that is all around us, is obvious and yet lies hidden by the mind and its numerous beliefs; that it cannot be as simple as knowing that my self is a construct whereas Self is without reliance upon any external phenomenon.

Neptune is not knowing, being open to what is out side of the box, what is greater than anything the mind can perceive. As such in order to inhabit the deep waters of Neptune we must surrender, and let go of beliefs all together. The ego is challenged to retreat.

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” C.G. Jung

We all have Gemini somewhere in our charts. We all have a natural sense of curiosity that moves us to discover more of life; how we live, express, communicate, reach out and share. Gemini likes to share. There is an understanding of the natural connection of all things that Gemini knows is how we thrive. Thriving is easily achieved when we listen to that which is generated from a deeper level of awareness.

Communication, Gemini’s gift encompasses all that transpires in the realms of connection as communication supports community.

Trees have their communication systems, some consisting of underground root systems that pass information along within the clan. Nature is full of ways of transferring ‘data’ that are not reliant upon words. Everything, as source is motivated by and moved by an eternal, omniscient, omnipresent ‘voice’ that arises from stillness. Communication is a word but we all ‘hear’ the voice and respond to it in the way in which we can and do.

During this New Moon take a look at the house in which the New Moon in Gemini resides and notice if its affect encourages you to delve deeper into awareness of what this house relates to.

Briefly the houses represent:

1st House: I seek self/Self

2nd House: I seek security/relationship to resources.

3rd House: I seek to learn and communicate

4th House: I seek emotional connection

5th House: I seek self/Self expression

6th House: I seek to perfect self

7th House: I seek to relate self to another.

8th House: I seek to understand

9th House: I findTruth

10th House; I find resources and build

11th House: I find collective connection, awareness

12th House: I find dissolution, Being

Basically the houses take us through a journey from self discovery (1st house) until the ego dissolves opening us to Self discovery (12th house).

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu

The Superior Man understands that the Work is guided from within, and that choices which ignore this truth can only retard its progress. (Present actions originate future consequences: pay heed to your choices.)“–Internet Source from the I Ching #54, Kui Mei

Shining Brighter

Waking up into heaven. The sun shines all day long. Even the moon reflects the sun’s light. Clouds come, clouds go. It rains. It storms. The sun shines all day long. The tiny boat drifts off. The wind sighs. The moon appears as all else fades and moon beams dance on the waves.

“Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry–all forms of fear–are caused by too much future and not enough presence.” ~Eckhart Tolle

This shoe lace flops about dangerously,
about to become two separate pieces to be dragged
along pavement, slapped in a puddle,
tangled in a bush that diverts my way home.

I bend to tie it together and wonder
how many times I have performed this task.
"Just once," I hear. "Right now, only once."

There is a sigh, relief. The little door springs open
and the melody of a tiny songbird pierces that thought.

New Moon May 11th

@21 degrees Taurus 12:00 p.m PT

Taurus and Relationship to the Phenomenal World

I now experience a different, more subtle connection between mind and body. It does not require that I flex muscles. It does not dissipate in the presence of increasing inward silence.

It does require, however, that I seek more profoundly within my own experience and do so with an open mind. It means that I must reach intuitively into what may feel like darkness. ~Matthew Sandford commenting on how he has processed paralysis. ~from Daily Good 4.27.21 https://www.mindbodysolutions.org/about-us/matthew-sanford/

New Moon in Taurus and a time to consider our relationship with the physical—the body and the senses that define the physical experience. As we gain a deeper understanding of the physical experience we find passage to a source of infinite unfolding. We intuit rather than rely strictly on the mind to figure things out. We measure by what we feel that moves us in the physical domain with agility and ease, confident that our infinite source, always in motion, and I that, naturally travel together without resistance, question or doubt.

A natural understanding of the phenomenal world is a gift of dear Taurus the Bull who stands ground in times of crisis and leads followers on a path to ‘higher ground’. You can always count on Taureans to expertly guide you to safety or to find necessary supplies if the going gets tough. In Taurus we find confidence to create what we need to feel secure and stable, prerequisites for venturing further, deeper into unknown territory; areas that represent our evolutionary intent.

Venus as planetary ruler of Taurus is our desire nature and relationship to the environment as the source of life. As the journey in Taurus unfolds we eventually realize that everything we need is always provided according to our evolutionary intent. We experience, we learn, we transcend. A repetitive process until the physical world is less of a concern and we naturally focus upon the sense of values that appear to determine our way. We become less self centered, more centered and the emergence of Self is a natural occurrence.

This New Moon directs us toward standing our ground also, being as we are, and not wavering as Taurus is a fixed sign and known for their immovability at times. In this case a powerful quality as we find Black Moon Lilith conjunct this New Moon. Freedom to Be—wild abandon is the theme and to reflect the Truth of that, is a healing ‘gesture’ that rewards us with peace. This peace gives us a greater sense of security than any thing that may be acquired in the phenomenal world.

A recurring aspect in the chart for May 11th is the sextile, there are four. A sextile is a 60 degree aspect between planets, half a trine, that speaks of opportunity and challenge that can be met more easily than when we are confronted with a square, 90 degree aspect but not as easy as a trine where the energy flows so smoothly that we may take some experiences in life for granted and ‘fall asleep’. Sextiles work with co-operation between two planets in different but supportive elements. Two sextile themes here: one earth and water-each nurtures the other—and two fire and air again both nurture each other.

Our energy is being put towards realizing the positive outcome of taking care of our selves, each other and the planet. It is the only way to traverse this present landscape. We are waking up to that in greater numbers by the day. We are now on a fast track to healing some very deep, old wounds that have conditioned us to react for a very long time. Both earth/water sextiles speak of all of our individual/collective resources being applied to caring for us and what ails us.

The recent Full Moon and tsunami super solar flares at the same time, with brilliant fire and light helped to burn off a little more dross here and illuminate the path. What an intense time! We were getting pretty darn hot under the microscope! What do I need to let go of to contribute in a positive way to this evolutionary moment?

Reading Pema Chondron who has written, No Time to Lose a commentary on The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva. Much of her book relates to the wisdom of developing patience, how that benefits self, others and the collective and is the antidote to anger/irritation. Cultivating patience in a somewhat impatient world is a way to contribute tremendously to collective well-being.

The other two sextiles are in fire and air. Here we are challenged to reassess how we communicate, how our words can be motivating and inspiring rather than draining and negative. We can take responsibility for contributing truth to the collective conscious and generating clarity rather than putting information out there that is confusing, misleading and erroneous. We rob our selves of energy and power to act in a supportive way.

The beauty of these sextiles can be seen in a quote from astrologer Steven Arroyo: “The Sextile seems to be an aspect of openness to the new: new people, new ideas, new attitudes; and it symbolizes the potential for making new connections with either people or ideas that can ultimately lead to new learning.”  ~from liveabout.com

So, much new possibility we are presented with and at this time of year. It contributes to this sublime panorama of vitality and goodness. Everything is fully alive! Our senses are filled to overflowing. Little room for disparaging thoughts. We open the door in the morning and are free to move as we please. This New Moon as every New Moon is a doorway of tremendous possibility.


Ninety, fragile
in so many ways.
Yet girlish, naive
and particular.
Particularity of place,
of time,
of ways.
Filling it with
dreams made real; all 
to be washed away
when night rises.

Everything leaps out 
from the center.
Tiny leaps of a centipede.
Great leaps of a gazelle.
The steady leaps of you and I,
intent upon finding ourselves
knowing that the leap into Being
is the same Being as
before the leap. 

Now…not then not when

“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.”― Eckhart Tolle

There is nothing here to be seen or not seen

but every time the breeze passes the meadow bows.

It was in a dream that you asked,
"what is the meaning of life?
why are we here"
I looked at you and couldn't answer,
simply uttered "Oh",
as the passing breeze coaxed a sound.
Continued to contemplate words
passing by 
knowing that at 
some point
the words will not come.
That will be the answer
nothing to do with me.