We are ‘a work of art’

New moon March 2022

I think of a great work of art as like a moon shining in the night sky: it illuminates the world, yet its light is not its own but borrowed from the hidden sun of the absolute.” ~The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

This passage went straight to my heart. For awhile I didn’t know why. Didn’t think why. But on a stroll along Shoreline park, observing so many people with children, with dogs, all an interwoven and integral tapestry, and the ever present glow that emanates from such every day scenes, it seemed obvious that each and every one of us is the moon, a great work of art, and in the sharing we radiate that which cannot be hidden in spite of some of our unconscious efforts.

Light shines from the most painful occurrences. The seed that was planted somewhere along the timeline sprouts from the driest, most inhospitable circumstances. Everything we learn in the journey brings us closer to the realization that whatever ‘I’ accomplish, whatever light I share I share with you and you with me and every ‘thing’ that graces our world.

Great works of art soothe our souls, bring to mind human capacity for suffering; the depths to which our human emotional selves dive, linger and rise again. All radiate the beauty of being here. Though we whine and complain, churn up drama about circumstances in our lives, beneath it all, surrounding it all is the ever present knowing that this is not Truth but a reality conjured and repeated based on thoughts we have also been sharing for a very long time.

Everything here is shared. What feels quite like an individual experience is also a collective journey. The more we open to our selves and risk exposing our vulnerability to others the stronger we become. Alignment with the natural flowing universal ‘way’ engages us in pure Being that delights us beyond reason. This touches everything. The moon, with its capacity to enchant is merely a reflection of the light that underlies existence; from which all things unfold.

Theoretical Physicist David Bohm (1917-1982) “conceived a new scientific approach to reality based on an understanding of the totality and oneness of existence as an unbroken and seamless whole.” ~Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

What enlightened masters realized centuries ago has been given substantiation through scientific observation and analysis. In Unfolding Meaning, A Weekend of Dialogue with David Bohm he explains fully his theories that include ‘implicate order’ (enfolding universe) and ‘explicate order’ (unfolding order). Not enough room here to discuss. He does talk about holomovement (holo, Greek for whole) as “the basic reality, at least as far as we are able to go, and that all entities…are features of the holomovement…”

If we talk about wholeness and wish to bring astrology for this New Moon into the conversation then Pisces is the sign which best describes the seamless whole. Pisces New Moon at 12 degrees 7 minutes is an expression of the limitless, unbounded whole.

Pisces is the soul, the ultimate mystical union with all, wordless sound, felt sense.” ~Cerena Childress, AstrologicalNow.com

Pisces New Moon with absence of light promotes seeking ‘answers’ from the light that is ever present, shines from within. The desire is to expand our capacity to radiate that automatically contributes to a pervasive ‘lightening’. Jupiter co-ruler of Pisces is at 14 degrees Pisces, conjunct the New Moon and a major player in the events that promote growth and utilization of wisdom. As circumstances appear to be devolving into greater chaos it is beneficial to also sense the deeper level of healing and maturation that occurs as a natural process of evolution.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Pisces is ‘a sword used in many battles is now in a museum.’ We have the potential to see the past displayed before us and make a collective choice to avoid repetition when it is clear that some of what has occurred in the past does not serve us.

Applying sound logic is one way of progressing based on facts rather than emotion and fiction. Saturn conjunct Mercury in Aquarius in this New Moon chart amplifies the powers of reason but can have a ruthless edge when considering collective good. Deleting individual priority in favour of what serves community may not please us. Clearly there is movement that is the result of centuries of activity contributed to by all of us that is an ongoing process, like an enormous juggernaut, that will not be stopped. Best to go with the flow.

A third exact conjunction in this chart is the Pluto, Mars, Venus aspect in Capricorn that points to the elimination of structure that supports an antiquated perspective of what we desire (Venus) and how we go about attaining that (Mars). There are many possibilities with this trio. The underlying energy though is one that seeks to continue the disintegration of dualistic notions that continue to create separation.

As we progress further from the Kali Yuga (the darkest time for human development) into the

Dwapara Yuga on way to the Golden Age, belief systems that do not serve the evolutionary ‘intent’ are naturally falling away. On an individual basis we are unaware of all that this entails. We can however become aware of this flow that is everything including me and you and intend to freely follow that flow.

A point for possible consideration, the exact square between Uranus and the asteroid Juno. Juno “embodied traditional ideas of monogamy and marriage.” ~Astrology.com This butting heads with Uranus the planet of revolution for evolution and taking into consideration the Pluto (destruction), Mars (yang) Venus (yin) conjunction speaks of a concentrated energy that pushes us to reconsider the basis of what defines us. Big stuff for these dynamic times! Nothing that ‘we’ are not ready for or cannot handle.

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