New Moon Feb. 28/March 01: Shaking Loose the Dross

New Moon February 28, 2014 and March 01, 2014 @10 degrees Pisces 39 minutes 11:59 p.m. PST 02:59 a.m. EST

The pale shadow of the Moon in its new phase stirs longings to discover what lies hidden within the dim glow; at this moment the rich truth of my nature.

Rising up from the depths of our hearts, compassion, empathy, kindness, our emotions exhibit the gentle side of human nature. Sensitivity to everything in a way that creates surrender to the bloom that pierces the structure.

New Moon and a new approach to how we want to “Be” here. As we stretch our limbs, rise up out of deep sleep (that has most recently looked like winter) the first thing to notice is how clear is the vision, how empty is the mind. The immediate reaction is perhaps a subtle noticing that something is different. There is no longer a desire to define what it is I see/experience. It is okay to simply Be with that.

A butterfly wanders about, from bush to flower. A mother and child walk together through the hedgerows and a group of teenagers huddle together in conversation. The scene is active and simply what is. Absorbing data and utilizing that to be of service for the highest good or in other words to facilitate whatever needs to happen in any given moment is our calling at this time. Timing will be impeccable and discernment arises from a place of knowing what naturally wants to take place in order to create order from chaos. Intuitive skills are enhanced by the ability to thread the psyche through the warp and weft of human consciousness. The creative impulse shudders with the excitement of expression unfettered and limitless pouring forth, gratefully, from a place of infinite resource. All around the air is humming with the rhythm of human potential.

In every minute occurrence is the suggestion that what I formerly felt was true is a supposition based on the past. Every supposition exists as an obstacle to creating based on an old paradigm that probably no longer serves ‘me’. Letting go of beliefs is loving, embracing what is and tumbling head long into the vast unknown—no fear, no effort required. No longer constantly wanting things to be more, better or different. In the peace I rest.

This New Moon offers respite from the habitual stupefaction that we experience  as a result of acting and reacting to a set pattern of conditioning. We are released from the wheel of time into the truth of Being. The Self is realized as that which is beyond all thought, all definition and what is always. Every word uttered is merely dressing “that” in an attempt to make it visible when there is nothing to be ‘seen’. It is the mind wanting to understand something that it cannot possibly comprehend or apprehend.

In awakening, we cannot then help but have an effect that initiates the same for others. Not that we are preoccupied with such or focused on any particular aspect of nonduality, it just is—drifting, permeating, rising and eventually merging with the absolute are simply words that attempt to clarify something that requires no clarification as we are in every moment ‘there’. Again, no effort is required to be that which I already am.

“It is important to remember: dormant tendencies rise as manifest thoughts. Even gods will tempt you and only Buddha survives. So reject pleasures of Heaven and Earth; what is not Here will never be Freedom.”—Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

Freedom lies in the depths of the New Moon’s dim glow and within every cell and molecule, every atom, every quark. Every space between the thoughts is Freedom and that I am. Could not not be “that”.

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