March, the madness of pursuit

“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” ― T.S. Eliott

March has a reputation for initiating adventure and action that is not preceded by very much thought. Instead we are guided by passion to thrust ourselves into the midst of life with great joy and daring. It may be true or not but one may imagine that all the greatest worldly and otherworldly explorations begin in the first month of Spring. No one dares to say no.

Is March, a month for madness or simply racing off into whatever direction strikes your fancy? With Spring once again in the air we can be sure that life is approached with renewed vitality and determination. Suddenly no mountain is too high to climb, no task or project too big to take on. Creativity flows, adding to the overwhelming sense that just being here is an enormous gift and excelling at ‘human Being’ is the predominant goal.

With the winter Olympics just finished, we witnessed the stories of some amazing human beings dedicated to excelling at a sport to which they are fully committed in ways that many people have no comprehension. Unless one considers that just being here is a committed and focused undertaking and one that we experience from whatever perspective is available to us. We all excel in every moment at being who we are. Seeing the gift in that, is a gift in itself.

Now the fact that Mars goes retrograde on March 1st should not interfere with vibrant self-expression or the usual desire to throw caution to the wind. It would take a much greater force than this to prevent our joy from overflowing. What is taking place is not just about physical energy. The desire for creative expression at times knows no bounds and this is one of those times. Mars in Libra is sensitive and highly creative and imaginative. Combine this with a seasonal lust for experiencing and anything is possible. Like the Two of Wands in the Rider-Waite tarot deck illustrates, ‘we hold the world in our hands and everything is possible’. It is a thought like any other thought. And yet that thought gives us the freedom to surpass what we may have accomplished in the past—no limits, no fears.

Preceding Mars’ retrograde action is a New Moon at one minute to midnight on February 28th PST and followed by Mercury going direct at 6:00 a.m PST. By March 1st then, we are set to attack, activate and attain. Whatever projects were put on the back burner until Mercury in Aquarius turned direct can now be revived and completed. All Mercury retrogrades in 2014 begin in water signs and end up in Air signs, a chance to revisit emotional issues, to dig into the past and then to allow a fresh breeze to gently encourage appreciation for space and movement—freedom!

The New Moon at 10 degrees Pisces and a stellium of planets in Pisces recommends we dig deeply within to find compassion and resources to give to others. Love is a very good place to begin. Understanding and attention or being present for every one with whom we come into contact will be accomplished with ease and grace as these two qualities define more and more our existence and experience here. Ease and grace the byproducts of inner peace, inner peace the result of being attached to no-thing. Every Pisces I know is naturally altruistic and guided by inner principles that desire peace for all. This month of March sees us initiate an ongoing relationship with giving freely and experiencing the blessings of our actions; never a goal but the happy outcome.

Two More Cards for March:

The Empress III is the power that flows through each of us to create, to manifest based on our potential for being here now. As a three she represents the essence of all creation. Giving it material form is a small matter at which to succeed. Implied here is an eternal giving of that which is our true nature to those in every aspect of our lives. Even those who occupy the fringes benefit from our willingness to give of our Being.

 3 of cupsThree of Cups, another three for the third month relates to the joy we experience from sharing our hearts with community and the harmony that fills in all the gaps as we initiate creative flow. Creativity is the vast landscape of human endeavor wherein we express the depth of our awareness to those with eyes to see. And what a beautiful sight to behold!

Three relates to the energy of the child in whom we discover once again the innocence with which we came into this world that observed opportunity and possibility in every glance and love in every touch. Whereupon the gates remain open to the abundance that greets us in every moment. There is no want. Everything is provided as I am “that” which seems to be the provider. What a wonderful world indeed and all available to us in March!

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