Mercury Retrograde 01.21.15: Free Falling

freefalling mercury retrograde 01.15 Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. A slower motion that allows awareness of the internal environment and messages we receive from this ‘deeper’ level of communication. If your technological devices cease to function or misbehave in ways that are frustrating and deterĀ  progress use this time to breathe, listen and notice what is available in this moment. If presented with the possibility of letting go of definition and ‘seeing’ the self from an entirely unlimited perspective the resultant sense of free fall may be frightening at first but once you get used to it, liberation is exhilarating. In the total lack of identification there is the opportunity for insight and inspiration that we would otherwise miss as these might not exist within the files of our mind. When Mercury speeds up around February 11th–magic happens! Dreams come true! And suddenly you find your self engaged in implementing positive action without any effort at all. Wherever Mercury is transiting your personal chart is an opportunity for awareness rather than thinking and insight rather than analysis. The answer to our questions is within stillness.