New Moon April 18, 2015: Every Voice, One Voice

New Moon April 18, 2015 @ 28 deg. Aries 25 min. 2:57 p.m. EDT 11:57 a.m. PDT

Sabian symbol for this New Moon= ‘celestial choir singing’. Freedom to express our selves from a greater sense of awareness. The voice of infinity, the blend of millions of hearts each with its own pulse contributing to the collective hum; the pool swells, undulates; all stillness even in the most turbulent storm, the mind is peace.

There is nothing to practice. To know yourself, be yourself. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let your true nature emerge. Don’t disturb your mind with seeking. ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

new moon chart april 2015In the last degrees of Aries this New Moon is well acquainted with the self and its seemingly unending list of desires. We can follow the thread that leads us here and there but inevitably be fully content with the bare wood of the spool from which it began the journey and knowing that ‘here’ is where is inner peace—no need to run hither and yon or make effort to, or be concerned that perhaps this is not the right path. To begin, there is no right or wrong. Whatever we find our selves engaged in is the most perfect of circumstances because that is what is and is not otherwise.

Just conjunct the fixed star Alrisha in the constellation of Pisces, this moon has the potential to unite opposing forces as it is the knot at the end of the cord that binds the two fishes as they swim in opposite directions. The influence of this star creates waves of harmony so that one might have an opportunity to taste of the elixir that pacifies; that calms the mind and disarms the ego. We continue to lose our grip on that to which we have been inured for a very long time.

Our test—can we surrender our believes that we have gathered based on the past and the resulting structure from which we draw a sense of ‘security’ here that at the same time creates an enormous sense of ‘insecurity’? Not to be replaced by anything at all. That is the challenge. The less we think we know the freer we become and yet the resulting lack of identification and lack of connection is startling at first. Essential to ride the wave of fear until exhausted, we rest in the vast ocean of tranquility—source.

All of this appears to rise up from nothing. The fear when we stop to explore the origin has no basis in Reality that which is, never changing and without definition. With Mars, ruler of the moon in Taurus square to Jupiter (courageous, determined and competitive) there is sufficient tenacity to overcome anything that looks like an obstacle. At the same time mars is experiencing a trine to Pluto that adds powerful energy to over ride any mundane emotional issues.

This New Moon chart prepares one to creatively and enthusiastically embrace life in ways that previously were not possible. With limitations removed there is all possibility available. It is a stellar time to launch one self into ventures that require ‘a leap of faith’.
Assuming this precludes thought then one is free to align with the natural flow of life from which magic appears to happen. Life is an unending source of surprise and wonder to which we may be in perpetual smile.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 04.04.15: Freedom from Illusion

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015 @ 14 degrees Libra 24
8:05 a.m. EDT 5:05 a.m. PDT

As we grow in our consciousness, there will be more compassion and more love, and then the barriers between people, between religions, between nations will begin to fall. ~Ram Dass (April 6, 1931 Sun/Uranus conjunction in Aries square to Pluto)

full moon chart 04 04 15With the Full Moon in Libra opposite a strong Uranus/Sun conjunction (and still squared by Pluto) we are working on liberating our selves to inner peace as awareness. This is emphasized by the lunar eclipse representing endings and beginnings and moving us further toward Self knowing—that is the absence of separation—everything is our true nature.

The will is strong to overcome limitation and to accomplish—wherever you are, the goal is clear and the energy to achieve is colossal! Coming into focus is our relationship issues. Being free of expectation with loved ones that often means discovering new layers of emotional insecurity and willing to feel all of what we may have stuffed away for considerable time. We cannot be in peace if there are buckets of the denied defining our landscape. We must accept “what is”, embrace it all.

In the next few days (the Sun/Uranus conjunction is exact on the 6th) the pressure to let go will be accentuated by various planetary and point positions. The Black Moon Lilith, a power point in the chart where lie our deepest fears and greatest ‘strengths’ conjuncts the vertex, the point where we attract to us those people who can guide/urge us beyond limitations. We can therefore be prepared for possible interactions that will intensify the need to grow beyond self judgment and criticism based upon habitual self doubt. As this is an ongoing process we should be content in knowing that it all serves to weaken the grip of the ego in order to more easily penetrate the illusion.

The mind is open and wisdom that emerges from the heart floods the senses obliterating thought and expanding awareness. In some spiritual practices meditating during this time of a lunar eclipse (or solar eclipse) assists one on their ‘path’.

Saturn remains retrograde in Sagittarius until August 1/2 creating greater focus on that which does not serve us. Saturn’s trine to asteroid Juno brings us face to face with what really irritates us. Our projections are up for scrutiny. Juno, patron goddess of Rome, was frequently dissatisfied as her ‘husband’ Jupiter tended to stray whenever the urge seized him. Juno’s dissatisfaction with her spouse and her spirited acts of retribution is related in many myths. As a goddess of marriage one might imagine that her thoughts pertaining to this institution were quite biased based on her personal experiences with Jupiter.

What a load of thoughts floating about in the collective consciousness! Over the many centuries a lot of thoughts have been generated and hang there influencing humanity in a way that perpetuates patterns. As we flow more easily with what is, without dwelling on judgment or criticism but accepting our experience here, knowing that our true nature is not this accumulation of beliefs, we are free.

Freedom is the nature of Uranus. And as it occupies a position of such strength in this chart and has been lending significant energies to awakening whilst engaged with Pluto,
have no doubt that liberation is assured for everyone; each at their own pace. As Mars transits Taurus here until May 13, it will be interesting to observe as people are less concerned about personal security and more about the overall position of Self as the macrocosm igniting a sense of overall well being.

Idealism then, is not a belief but the realization that this experience here is perfect in itself no matter what appears to be going on around us. There is no I to define it. There is only awareness observing the multitude of expressions of ‘it’ all flowing with perfection in this amazing space.