New moon/summer solstice

A spacecraft's view of an annular solar eclipse in 2012.

So, where do we Begin: New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse/Summer Solstice!

So where do we begin? It seems that the practice of not-knowing begins with a trust in the unnameable space that holds us, in the mysterious atmosphere in which we all live”. ~Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Every day begins anew! And every day light shines upon us in a slightly different way—a little more perhaps, or a little less; a reflection of the light from within. It is all the same light. And now? So many conflicting stories. As many conflicted leaders. The numerous messages whirl about us in chaotic disarray.

Do we allow ourselves to be caught up, swept away in emotional turmoil? Or do we turn our attention inward to the ever present peace and calm whence we feel assured? It is not assurance of a continuation of any thing in the material world to which we have become familiar. Rather it is the knowing that everything that occurs is an expression of that which we feel rather than what we think. And that which we feel unfolds with divine continuity—seamless, nameless, not less, not more NOT different.

Truth does not flucuate in chaos. In this is peace, an assurance. Truth is changeless in the face of change.

As has been mentioned before, in silence there is an opportunity to feel into, deeper and deeper and in a manner of speaking, the ever present nothingness that is without mind. Without mind—no fear, no suffering. Without which we resist not but gracefully become one with the river of life immersed, embraced and embracing. Touching everything whilst not holding on to anything.

Free falling through life. A blessed feeling. Our limbs are free to reach out, explore within, dangle, thrash about, spiral, gyrate, hug, dance, pray…openness unlimited…peace. Let us not limit our self. Let us not feel limited by anything external to self. Consider the conditioning! That we so frequently think we are bound by…

New Moon 0 degrees Cancer 11:40 p.m. PDT June 20th, 2020

This new moon certainly deserves our attention. It coincides with the Summer Solstice that takes us into the months in which we want to be outside, free to play and feel our selves as one with the elements. In our memory banks are the carefree days that we enjoyed as children—no more school for a few months. Adventure ahead! Warmth, sunshine and creating from moment to moment our reality.

Also during this new moon there is a solar eclipse the significance of which is:

Astrologically speaking, they (eclipses) speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses. Though the shifts can be jarring, they can help us by speeding up the inevitable.” ~Aliza Kelly Farager

During a solar eclipse we are cut off from the light of the sun representing our conscious self and connection to the external world and find our selves turning within and attending to our emotional world and our spiritual nature. We look at everything under the rare light cast by this occurrence that on the 20th is known as an annular eclipse. We see everything anew…people, experiences the world around us.

An annular eclipse, also known as the ring of fire occurs when the moon is at apogee or furthest from the earth. Therefore when it crosses the sun, it appears smaller than at perogee, does not fully obscure the sun and leaves a circle of solar light that demarcates the moon—is the only time we can ‘see’ the new moon. Symbolically, this new moon focuses our intent upon not only the obvious opportunity for new beginnings but also that which lies deep within the known world; what lies in the center of that blazing light of the seen.

The third aspect relating to this new moon is that at 0 degrees Cancer it conjuncts the world axis at 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Starting off, best foot forward, leadership role from the all important sign of Cancer which is all about feeling, nurturing and nourishing. The qualities of ‘mother’ that we typically, inherently know to give the basic support an individual requires to navigate life from an emotionally mature perspective.

Let us utilize the surreal light experienced during this solar eclipse to highlight areas where we are weak in terms of emotional development. To be a leader with clear intent it behooves us to have pacified the emotional turbulence we often experience as adults expressing from a place of need. May we all become mothers in our approach to others; that is accepting, accommodating and unconditional not at the expense of self but knowing that all selves are ‘me’.

Another significant aspect in this new moon chart is an exact inconjunct (150 degree aspect) from Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius to the sun/moon conjunction. Here Saturn in Aquarius will focus our actions and reactions on what serves community rather than specifically the individual. How we determine to continue moving forward must be for the ‘good’ of all. It doesn’t work to leave anyone behind or in a position of want. We consider how those steps towards creating freedom for self will actually result in greater freedom for all. It occurs by letting go, inhabiting the change and creating according to the deep peace ever present.

Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” Dr. Steve Mataboli

Below is a link to a video with Pamela Gregory who gives a detailed talk about the three eclipses now (June 5, 20 and July 5), their significance and the astrological features that highlight this year.

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse October 2014: There will be Peace…

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014 @ 0 degrees Scorpio 25 min.
05:57 p.m. EDT 02:57 p.m. PDT
(the partial solar eclipse will be visible in North America just before sunset)

If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa

new moon oct 23 2014 chart

There is a vibrant energy that enfolds this New Moon/Solar Eclipse that will lead us into the light of Peace. Inner peace is outer peace is peace. No inner, no outer. Only the recognition that I am that! And then the ever present—abiding in that. Peace. Nothing is hidden though we are talking about a Sun, Moon,Venus and Pallas Athena conjunction in Scorpio. Everything is clear. Scorpio has the gift of inner knowing based upon deeply intuitive perception that can rise above judgment and definition. That is the essence of this New Moon—rising into clarity out of the story. The story serves to perpetuate our suffering. Some want what is not suffering.

For those who seek liberation from suffering there is a measure of wisdom that we can access now that allows us to see how we have been not been clear of our true nature. The eclipse acts as a gateway, the energy of which will continue to move us deeper into knowing for some time to come. It will only partially block the light of the Sun so that we are not immersed in darkness, unable to ‘find our way’. The ‘way’ will be so very apparent to us. Pallas Athena, a diamond on top of a cross, is symbolic for crystal clarity in physical reality.

This has the potential to awaken one from the illusion that I am this body/mind. There is a body and a mind but it occurs in physical reality as the absolute Reality not as anything separate from. There is therefore no separate individual. If there is no separate individual, there is no one to suffer. There is no thing that needs fixing, improving, modifying in any way. Absolute Reality is everything so that the concepts of more, better or different have no meaning except as a thought. All thoughts, being based on the past, have little relevance to me now.

What has relevance to me now? Just what is occurring in this moment. And I accept everything in this moment as an expression of the Absolute without judgment. No expectation. No suffering.

Scorpio has an awareness of the cycle that is humanity. That is birth, life, death and regeneration. This can inhibit the knowing of the true Self, the belief that this is what we are and destined to die. Scorpio may have a preoccupation with death. Scorpio also may know that death is simply another part of ‘life’. And that as Eternal essence we never die.
it is just what is happening not different than anything else that is happening. This is a very liberating realization.
“All die but there is no grief because the Indweller lives. Death is only the five elements returning to themselves.” ~Sri H.W.L Poonja (Papaji)

Venus in Scorpio. What does she want? What is left when one has been there and done that repeatedly. Venus in Scorpio has experienced a lot—shadow and perversity and hunger. There is only one thing to satisfy the hunger and that is waking up right now to the Truth of Self. There is nothing else that brings lasting satisfaction except knowing that I am all that I have ever sought. And so it may be that in these few days preceding and following this lunar phase that you are possessed of the clarity that brings you home to truth. When nothing else is left and Scorpio ruled by Pluto has the power to eliminate all that does not serve us, bare to the bone, we recognize that this is my Self. I cannot define it, name it or comprehend it with the mind. It is therefore the most obvious thing to know the Self as all that is.

The result of this discovery is abiding in Peace. It is where we began. So that once we strip away the artifice our hearts express from the limitless ‘pool’ of emptiness that we call Love and Peace and Joy but that simply is. There is not a notion here of war. It simply will not exist. Mars the God of War (and Peace) is the other planet that aspects this New Moon. It is sextile, (60 degrees) from these luminaries in Sagittarius. As the ‘Hunter’ who seeks truth, his aggressive nature erupts as the passion to discover Reality. His arrow pierces the veil of illusion revealing what has always been right Here. When I turn my attention from the many distractions of the external world and have the absence of mind to Be in the stillness, then I discover what has always been known and my quest has ended.

At this New Moon in Scorpio it may not seem all that easy. Dismemberment is rarely comfortable. We may find that we linger in the shadow or indulge our selves more than usual but when hunger still has not been appeased, there will be planted the seed for self inquiry and awakening. Patience and acceptance are requirements for what takes place during this New Moon.

If you have any questions as to how this New Moon impacts your chart or anything regarding this article I can be reached through Paradise Found 805 564-3573 or directly at 805 904-5433. Thank you and trust what is this moment.

(As we know eclipses have been occurring for centuries. Everything here has been occurring for centuries—and moving and changing–so that the recognition of Truth becomes easier, simpler more obvious as we spiral out of density toward the light. I know this is part of the story but it has very positive ramifications and that is a judgment! Communication is at times a vital piece contributing to deeper understanding. )