Intuitive Development Workshop (introduction) Santa Barbara!

Introductory Intuitive Development Workshop
Anna Chapman Facilitator (

The veil has been lifted. Everything is available to us in every moment. All that we need ‘do’ is be still and receive.

Sunday, June 7th from 10-2:30 (with a ½ hr. break for lunch)
Place to be announced

Discover latent abilities or hone those you are in the process of developing. This workshop is an overview of the tools available for intuitive development and consultation—tarot, astrology, life after life communication; becoming aware of beliefs that may hinder clarity and hence the potential for a more receptive vessel.

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for opening the inner eye. Their pictorial symbolism speaks directly to our prime form of communication; something that is inherent to all people. With Tarot we connect on a deep inner level.

Astrology, also a symbolic language has many more facets inherent to its story. An ancient practice it has evolved into a system capable of psychological and spiritual analysis, prediction and location to mention a few areas where it has value. There are many facts about a natal chart to be assimilated, numerous books to be read which the intuitive nature can greatly assist with. There is basic knowledge that can be learned quickly to give one an in and make the entire process seem less daunting.

Life after life communication or mediumship is an area of intuitive experience that has received a good deal of attention recently. The Long Island Medium and John Edward demonstrate the impact of connecting with those who have crossed over. Issues that were left unfinished find resolution. Loved ones gain deeper insight into themselves and those who are no longer in a body. Healing is facilitated and evolution occurs on many levels.

If you are inclined to join us for this exciting adventure reserve your space by calling Anna at: 805 904.5433