The Tempest and the Hero

“If after every tempest come such calms,
May the winds blow till they have waken’d death!” ~ William Shakespeare, Othello

Today there is a new moon that is occurring as this is posted. A tidal wave of emotion about to flood this plain we call home and drown us all in the rapture of freedom from identity and judgment, from the limitation of the mind that spits out, with regularity and punctuality, thoughts to which we are enslaved; to the story that is the island in the ever rushing stream of consciousness cradling us.

There is a tempest brewing that has long battered this wall, raged against the fear and feigned indifference to that from which the tempest surges. The waves have tossed me back and forth until dizzy with confusion and torn to pieces by the winds, finally I relent. Peace then abides not only in this heart but everywhere I look. Even in the apparent cacophony of collective voice there is a hum that unites every light wave. Every light wave a source of joy, rising, fluttering, diving, skipping to and fro and yet ‘this’ remains still, tickled by every movement, intrigued, mystified and graciously bowing to every voice that cries out from the dark for ‘some of that’.

Who are our heroes? Who is it that we look up to and long to emulate? Often those people who are spontaneously living life to the utmost and reaping the rewards for bold action, often in service to others, are those that many admire and respect—great artists—poets, writers, painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians—and anyone who allows the passion of their true nature to lead them rather than being directed and resistant due to ones fears.

The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts. ~Henry Miller

A hero is not one who wants to save the world but someone who has the courage to let go of everything that resembles ‘security’ in order to experience one’s humanity (if anyone appears to be saved in the process it is only that the person has realized a truth that affords them similar liberty)

A hero ‘sees’ clearly and therefore moves with confidence, not through need or the will to succeed. A hero is not directed by the ego but pure exhilaration. ‘Seeing’ is the soul stretching its legs, taking ego by the hand and dancing through the night. In the morning it is apparent that under the stars, in the mysterious moonlight a wedding takes place and of the subsequent banquet there is neither guest nor groom nor bride just a satisfaction uniting moment to moment.

The tempest is not something we struggle against. It is something we engage with to the furthest edges of our reality in this moment and to the utmost, the very frontier of knowing; that one might be ready to embrace everything and willing to have nothing. With nothing we are more joyful than when we thought we had everything—there is nothing to lose ever. We are already everything and nothing; that which eradicates and transforms with a power that simply is.

One astrological comment: this new moon has an opposition from Pluto (that which eliminates and transforms) to a Mercury/Mars conjunction at 14 degrees Cancer. At this time the NASA spacecraft New Horizons is sending photos of this tiny planet back to earth, a 4 hour journey, that rate it as the most youthful surface of any planet in the solar system with geological transformation possibly still occurring. They have discovered a mountain range there that has appeared within the last 100 million years relatively recent compared to the age of the solar system at 4.56 billion years.

Pluto in opposition to Mercury/Mars upheaval and transformation of the thoughts that direct our actions and in Cancer—giving way to feeling, sensing that knows the truth rather than assuming based upon collective patterns.