New Moon May 11th

@21 degrees Taurus 12:00 p.m PT

Taurus and Relationship to the Phenomenal World

I now experience a different, more subtle connection between mind and body. It does not require that I flex muscles. It does not dissipate in the presence of increasing inward silence.

It does require, however, that I seek more profoundly within my own experience and do so with an open mind. It means that I must reach intuitively into what may feel like darkness. ~Matthew Sandford commenting on how he has processed paralysis. ~from Daily Good 4.27.21

New Moon in Taurus and a time to consider our relationship with the physical—the body and the senses that define the physical experience. As we gain a deeper understanding of the physical experience we find passage to a source of infinite unfolding. We intuit rather than rely strictly on the mind to figure things out. We measure by what we feel that moves us in the physical domain with agility and ease, confident that our infinite source, always in motion, and I that, naturally travel together without resistance, question or doubt.

A natural understanding of the phenomenal world is a gift of dear Taurus the Bull who stands ground in times of crisis and leads followers on a path to ‘higher ground’. You can always count on Taureans to expertly guide you to safety or to find necessary supplies if the going gets tough. In Taurus we find confidence to create what we need to feel secure and stable, prerequisites for venturing further, deeper into unknown territory; areas that represent our evolutionary intent.

Venus as planetary ruler of Taurus is our desire nature and relationship to the environment as the source of life. As the journey in Taurus unfolds we eventually realize that everything we need is always provided according to our evolutionary intent. We experience, we learn, we transcend. A repetitive process until the physical world is less of a concern and we naturally focus upon the sense of values that appear to determine our way. We become less self centered, more centered and the emergence of Self is a natural occurrence.

This New Moon directs us toward standing our ground also, being as we are, and not wavering as Taurus is a fixed sign and known for their immovability at times. In this case a powerful quality as we find Black Moon Lilith conjunct this New Moon. Freedom to Be—wild abandon is the theme and to reflect the Truth of that, is a healing ‘gesture’ that rewards us with peace. This peace gives us a greater sense of security than any thing that may be acquired in the phenomenal world.

A recurring aspect in the chart for May 11th is the sextile, there are four. A sextile is a 60 degree aspect between planets, half a trine, that speaks of opportunity and challenge that can be met more easily than when we are confronted with a square, 90 degree aspect but not as easy as a trine where the energy flows so smoothly that we may take some experiences in life for granted and ‘fall asleep’. Sextiles work with co-operation between two planets in different but supportive elements. Two sextile themes here: one earth and water-each nurtures the other—and two fire and air again both nurture each other.

Our energy is being put towards realizing the positive outcome of taking care of our selves, each other and the planet. It is the only way to traverse this present landscape. We are waking up to that in greater numbers by the day. We are now on a fast track to healing some very deep, old wounds that have conditioned us to react for a very long time. Both earth/water sextiles speak of all of our individual/collective resources being applied to caring for us and what ails us.

The recent Full Moon and tsunami super solar flares at the same time, with brilliant fire and light helped to burn off a little more dross here and illuminate the path. What an intense time! We were getting pretty darn hot under the microscope! What do I need to let go of to contribute in a positive way to this evolutionary moment?

Reading Pema Chondron who has written, No Time to Lose a commentary on The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva. Much of her book relates to the wisdom of developing patience, how that benefits self, others and the collective and is the antidote to anger/irritation. Cultivating patience in a somewhat impatient world is a way to contribute tremendously to collective well-being.

The other two sextiles are in fire and air. Here we are challenged to reassess how we communicate, how our words can be motivating and inspiring rather than draining and negative. We can take responsibility for contributing truth to the collective conscious and generating clarity rather than putting information out there that is confusing, misleading and erroneous. We rob our selves of energy and power to act in a supportive way.

The beauty of these sextiles can be seen in a quote from astrologer Steven Arroyo: “The Sextile seems to be an aspect of openness to the new: new people, new ideas, new attitudes; and it symbolizes the potential for making new connections with either people or ideas that can ultimately lead to new learning.”  ~from

So, much new possibility we are presented with and at this time of year. It contributes to this sublime panorama of vitality and goodness. Everything is fully alive! Our senses are filled to overflowing. Little room for disparaging thoughts. We open the door in the morning and are free to move as we please. This New Moon as every New Moon is a doorway of tremendous possibility.

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