Full Moon in Capricorn July 1st, 2015

Full Moon 07.01.2015 @ 9 degrees Capricorn 55 minutes
10:20 p.m. EDT 07:20 p.m. PDT

full moon chart 07 01 2015Behold the full moon, behold my Self. Into every crevice light shines, finds its way amongst the wounds, the dreams, the tiny heart fluttering gives it a kick start and voila! Leap into the void, beliefs tumble into forgetfulness; suddenly not there, only a perpetual sense of the mystery—and no need to understand!

Running the rapids with an expert team of navigators is how we approach this Full Moon in Capricorn. The waters may seem turbulent but there isn’t one inch of the experience that we need fear. Like the down grade of a monster roller coaster we simply throw our hands in the air and go along for the ride. There is never anything out of place or occurring that is not that which is always and everything and therefore could not be different, more or better.

Efficiency, persistence, confidence, focus, discipline—nothing is carried that is not necessary to the journey. All excess baggage dropped along the way. With the outer planets engaged ‘mountains will move’; mountains of thoughts that have accumulated over millennia. Thoughts, the basis for which was and is no more, not in this moment. Not happening now. Simplicity is what is here in this moment now.

During the Full Moon on the west coast there is a deeper sense of compassion, generosity, creativity and wanting to share that unfolds as a result of the highlighting of Uranus in Aries trining Jupiter/Venus in Leo conjunction both sextiling Mercury in Gemini. Uranus the ‘awakener’ in easy aspect to the very benevolent Jupiter/Venus pairing can only mean the lightening of some perceptions of what it means to be here. Wisdom prevails allowing for a great sense of the ‘universal justice’ that moves everything. The resulting freedom from worry or concern, the notion that I must be responsible or effective allows one to experience stillness.

The mind (Mercury in its own sign, Gemini, between Uranus and Jupiter/Venus) functions but is no longer in control. There is awareness that I am not my thoughts which come and go. My true nature is always not temporary. I may have a thought now and never have that thought again. If I am defined by these thoughts if they no longer existed would “I” then be no more?

Mercury then becomes a partner to and a servant of the unchanging, ever present Reality prepared to express and communicate from a place of observation rather than judgment.

On the east coast the effects of this Full Moon may show up as a practical implementation of revolutionary business concepts with far reaching benefit for humanity. Seeds that have been planted are breaking the surface and will continue to grow to enhance human experience here. Well, its already happening what changes is the resistance to some of these out of the box concepts and though we are slow in this country to embrace that which is for our own health and well being, the trend has been set.

It is a strategic Full Moon in that those in favor of what serves the highest good without actually knowing what that is stand up from those who would rather continue to fight for what serves the individual. Ultimately rather than creating greater separation there is greater awareness of unity.

After four years of writing Full and New Moon articles I am going to take a break from story telling. There really is no more story to tell as you may have noticed if you read these articles regularly. They all sound very similar. Something may or may not show up in their absence. As someone who enjoys writing it is entirely possible. In the meantime, thank you for your participation and support.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn July 1st, 2015”

  1. Thank you Anna! I have so enjoyed your writings/insights! I look forward to reading anything you might write in the future. 🙂

  2. Anna Angel, Your writings spoke to me today, in a very personal way. It is like you channelled a message from my Guides and angels, with the exact inspiration I am needing in this present moment. You must be an earth Angel. Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

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