December: No going back!

I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then. ~Lewis Carroll

It may seem like a dream these days that roll one into another and weeks that flit by with little to indicate their passing until the whole of 2014 is but a memory and we anticipate another new year. As time ceases to have relevance all that is left is anticipation. Then a moment, with infinite possibility greets the anticipation endlessly. The anticipation has nothing to do with any thing but the wonderment of not knowing.

December of 2014 is a month to cycle through the emotional experience of the year and see how it has placed you in perfect ‘order’ for greater success in 2015 when we shall reap ease and grace, filling our coffers with an everlasting peace. December begins with moon in Aries and therefore presents an opportunity to cycle through our emotional condition from its most primal to its most illumined in two and a third day increments, through all the signs of the zodiac until moon returns to Aries December 28th. We shift the lens of the kaleidoscope ever so slightly to attune our selves with the next perspective knowing that it too can change with just the tap of a finger. What then has permanence if not these emotional tides and patterns that seem to have existed since ‘the beginning’?

Instead of waiting for the next slice or image, focus on what is between one frame and the next. It is the same. One realizes that this ‘sameness’ is there always and does not disappear simply because there is a new picture to look at. The picture rises out of the in between and subsides back into the in between. Soon discovered is the all pervasive nature of the in between.

moon newsletter dec 2014The Moon in the Tarot deck, XVIII is the card chosen for December. Ever changing the Moon is a reflection of the state of human emotions that sometimes lie deeply buried. For centuries there has been a disregarding of this part of what makes us human. There are times when we do not realize the extent to which we avoid feeling. Communicating what we feel lies further yet from our reality. The Moon, no matter what the phase encourages connection to the various depths and levels of our being. Wherever the Moon is in your natal chart will be the place where vulnerability is most apparent; where the ability to ignore what is sequestered is most difficult.

As such we have a certain fear of the Moon and its contents. When the Moon shows up in a reading it indicates a need for exploration of these areas of susceptibility for the purpose of moving through what might be seen as weaknesses in order to be free of ‘need’ and dependency those aspects that create limitation here. As the Moon displays itself brightly in the classic Rider-Waite deck, we are reminded that even if we venture into the dark and shadowy area of hidden emotion we can not become lost there. The way back, into the light is a constant.

The number 18 or 9 is the number of human evolution. The implication being that if we are to evolve, the way ‘forward’ is to forge through and the Moon symbolizes all that is inherent to our being; that is, what is prior to first breath, all our breaths here and all that is in ‘leaving’. We are of course concerned with so much more in terms of emotional existence than a Moon in our charts say in Pisces. It is however through this Moon in Pisces that all emotional function moves. It could be an interesting month to notice how you express your Moon as transiting Moon shifts through one sign after the other beginning with the beginning—Aries, I seek self or I am.

How comfortable are you with expressing your self and how you feel? December 3rd the Moon moves into Taurus at which time you might take note of the level of emotional security you possess. On the 5th Moon is in Gemini. As the communicators of the zodiac, notice how adept you are at sharing with others what you might be feeling. On the 7th Moon is in Cancer where our feelings are nurtured to provide us with a greater sense of security or not. Notice how you nurture your self to promote inner stability.

On the 9th Moon is in Leo the sign of sharing the light of the Sun. How does the condition of your emotional expression allow you to shine? December 12th the Moon moves on into Virgo where we seek to be of service. How does your emotional essence contribute to this desire we have to serve? On the 14th Moon is in Libra and we venture into the realm of other. When there are two the need is to balance and this is Libras quest. Therefore observe how your emotional state contributes to your state of balance.

Scorpio, December 17th= I will. Our emotional depth affects the ability to ‘succeed’.
Sagittarius, December 19th= I know. This has a direct relationship to the understanding of emotional freedom.
Capricorn, December 21st= I utilize. Here we recognize the need for emotion as a part of the structure that is humanity but our strength lies in appreciation of the structure.
Aquarius, December 23rd= I evolve. The emotional being is well integrated in Aquarius so that detachment from that which would cause lack of freedom is arrived at.
Pisces, December 25th= I perceive. Our true essence is ‘all that is’. All emotion is an expression of that.

If you choose to work with the Moon throughout December as you gaze upon its changing form by night know that it is a reflection of what lies deep within your heart; that they are the same though the heart remains unchanged even as the emotions cycle through it on the way to peace and love. It is a wonderful ‘time’ to deepen into the truth and to express that joy for the world to partake. Thank you and happy holidays!

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