Full Moon September 8, 2014: Loss of Mind

Full Moon September 8, 2014 @ 16 degrees Pisces 19 minutes
09:38 p.m. EDT 06:38 p.m. PDT

“I have put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind
in the process.”~Vincent Van Gogh (Mars conjunct Venus and Neptune in Pisces)

full moon chart sept 2014(select chart for full size version)

(From this limited perspective, this is what I have to offer. If you read between the lines though you may find the freedom there).

So it is that during this full moon in Pisces we find an opportunity to slip between the warp and the weft, to go beyond the mere capacity of our minds to control and manipulate our experience here. If we allow our selves to be vulnerable we may discover that the object of our fear is a vague thought whose inception is traced back to a moment of separation that jolted us into a new kind of awareness—existence in physical reality and all the seeming limitations that presented. Any thoughts about what might exist prior to this awareness seem only to end in nothing; end in a void so that the assumption of annihilation or non-existence would appear to be the alternative.

We are guided by subconscious yearnings that would mend the rift and lead us into realization of a seamless existence, pure authenticity, continuous unfolding from the heart. Utter knowingness of what is, as all that can be, and faith that there is nothing that needs to be different; nothing out of place and nothing to want. In the deepest folds of stillness there is rest, peace. What may have at one point been perceived as nothing/annihilation is in fact everything and I am ‘that’, not separate from. We have determination now to confront what has limited us from this knowing, from waking up to the great sea in which is form and what occurs when I no longer view the form as separate from the sea.

Tempted by the delicious scent of the wild with tenacious commitment to finding rather than losing Self, the freedom we have glimpsed as a result of the understanding that ‘this’ is perfection and therefore there is nothing to seek, becomes Reality. We linger in relaxation, floating, every pore wide open to the experience, nothing here between this and that, all one. My only task to Be. When I wake up in the morning I push aside the usual thoughts that want to drive me through the day and instead listen to the stillness that lies between each thought and stay there. I listen to my heart beat. I listen to the heart beat of others as though it is my own. It is my own.

I touch the sky, I caress the earth, wait for nothing, embrace everything. The heart overflows and is everywhere. The heart is always overflowing. During this full moon when we dive deep we keep on going, falling, rising, spinning in the overflow and infinitely grateful for the good sense to lose our minds. Pisces knows no limitations, no boundaries and succumbs to nothing, merges with everything without fear of no existence, without need to hold onto anything.

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