Good Monday Morning…for the Love of…

…everything, everywhere

Sheng Zhen Qi Gong ( is the practice of unconditional Love taught by Master Li Junfeng. Recently I have had the good sense to avail my self of his teaching and this gentle and powerful form of movement. During a meditation in a class, I wondered that the Chi was not flowing and present as Master Li indicated it could be. An ancient and wise figure appeared to me that I recognized as Lao Tzu author of I Ching and founder of Taoism.


tao_LaoTzu “Chi is everywhere,” he said “where we resist only does it not flow in our body. Be present in the body! Here, now is Chi.”

Imagine the Chi between the cells expanding the cells and allow Love to flow throughout and be one with everything, everywhere. Master Li will return to Santa Barbara mid October to teach us more of his beautiful practice.



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