Good Monday Morning…Appearances

The position of several planets at this time forms a grand cross.  This can appear to be causing discomfort. Rather than to succumb to what appears to be happening, remain as you are and ‘this too shall pass’.

“As an organism, every single thing which you experience is experienced within awareness. And to the extent to which awareness itself can be experienced, it too is merely another experience.

It is not “you”–an object of awareness–which is seeing through your eyes, it is this ever-present be-ing. It is not you which is aware of thoughts–objects in awareness–it is again, awareness. Anything which you can think of that you are is simply objectified in awareness. So clearly it is the awareness which is the you that perceives, not the objectifications in awareness identified as characteristics of your self. There is no self outside of awareness”. –Robert Wolfe, Abiding in Nondual Awareness


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