Black Moon January 31st 2022

When fabulous glistening fish leap into existence from nothingness, exploding the brilliant mirror surface of the lake, there are immediately three vital considerations: the still lake, the leaping fish and the awareness that is present in both.” ~from Roaring Silence by Ngakpa Chogyam & Khandro Dechen

No matter what is going on in our lives we can remember that it all arises from source/awareness. Everything leaps into existence from “that”. Makes one wonder, how can we have expectations that things be more, better or different? Can we really critique the infinite, eternal essence? That from which we continue to unfold, becoming clearer, less encumbered by the conditioning that began from a single thought such a long time ago.

Simply stated, when we have clarity there is only “that”. Our desire to, or ability to judge, question or analyze fades. We rest as Being—observation and knowing. Observing what appears on the screen of experience with little or no reaction and knowing that there is nothing to know and ‘I’ know nothing. The entire individual relaxes.

I unwind from the intricate web of confusion that has been my limitation. Suddenly my vision is panoramic, sweeps the surface of this existence and dives deeply into what is not defined in any way.

How surprising and how liberating! It isn’t necessary to describe the nature which is intrinsically ‘I’!

Less responsibility, more opening. And if I can describe it, that ‘it’, it is not.

We call upon the wisdom that resides within each of us to navigate this path to freedom. We are on auto pilot now. The car is driving itself without ‘my’ interference and will arrive faster if I give up control.

There is always what appears to be going on for an individual and there is at the same time the ever present flow of essence that is everything, moves everything. We all swim in that same sea. Whatever touches me, touches you. The vision that many many share at this time features abidance with what supports this vision and life with less suffering. As water levels rise so our emotional wisdom does exceed selfish myopic, tendencies. We all rise.

We have been talking about Uranus and its general influence during these last several months. It continues as we move through 2022. At this New Moon (12 degrees Aquarius) Uranus squares the dominants position from 10 degrees of Taurus. In Taurus, Uranus has shaken our foundations to the core requiring us to re-envision the structure which we have relied on for a sense of security. With little left to which to attach we are automatically driven to explore beyond what we know. No better time to look at Uranus’s influence than with New Moon, our monthly reset, in the sign of ‘the visionary’.

This New Moon is the second one of January on the west coast. We are able to reset our intentions with even greater resolve! Uranus went direct on January 18th after many months in retrograde. We can be sure that the forces for change will accelerate. The second New Moon (occurs once in two or three years) is called a black moon. Symbolically, do we dig a little deeper into our sense of values and what we most want to create? What are we most called to with the influence of Uranus?

Freedom! Freedom for all beings. Its a climb as we are all aware. Most of us have entered into the journey of healing our wounds and have experienced the multiple layers of ‘stuff’ that came in with the package. Is it never ending? We effort only as long as we feel there is a need to effort. It can be comforting to realize that it all happens quite organically and without my working at it. Liberation is attained when I no longer attach to thoughts that suggest, ‘There is more work to be done.’

The beauty of Uranus is the energy turned toward lightening the load (dissolution of old patterns and beliefs) and receiving the light of Truth that Uranus is known for. Uranus the ‘light bringer’. Uranus out with the old! Make way for the unknown.

Enligthenment is possible at any moment. The intrinsic spaciousness of being is continually reminding us of enlightenment.” ~Roaring Silence

Individuals with vision have great faith and trust in the unknown. They are aware of spaciousness, of what is the more that we seek.

They are aware of that which is most evolutionary residing within this territory. This aspect, of faith and trust, is most frequently associated with the planet Jupiter which began this year at zero degrees Pisces. Jupiter + Pisces is indicative of expansive consciousness, the rise of spiritual perspective, deep sensitivity to the collective expression and plight. Dissolving of the warp and weft that has bound us to certain beliefs. No boundaries. Everything is possible and not needing to know the how or why of it.

When we have realized, as Richard Tarnas* puts it, “that there is a deeper principal of order at work in the world connecting inner and outer”, we are more apt to become excited about the journey knowing that whatever happens is orchestrated by that ‘principal’. There is an element of mystery involved (Pisces) that nurtures Jupiter’s optimism.

The conjunction takes place in early April at 23 degrees of Pisces. The previous conjunction of these two planets occurred in 2009 at 23 degrees of Aquarius. The difference? Aquarius is futurism while Pisces is spiritualism. A word for each that is highly selective from many words that can describe these planets. The selection is based on what one perceives as the evolutionary trajectory of this planet, Earth. As we move further out of the Kali Yuga (darkest period of experience) toward the Golden Age, awareness is our path.

This conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is a point of ‘light’ that illuminates further our way on the journey. The last meeting in Pisces occurred in 1865—end of American Civil War, abolition of slavery. The year of 1865 was associated with the wood Ox. 2022 is the year of the water Tiger. We have just moved through the year of the Ox, of subservience, obedience compared to the Tiger…strong and independent.

Our task for 2022 is not in the doing or efforting to make something happen but to listen to the inner calling that will lead us without effort in a way that is in harmonious alignment with the abiding principal that is Life.

Please stay tuned as Jupiter will conjunct March’s New Moon in Pisces that gives us the opportunity to adjust mindset according to everything that happens in every magical moment. Why we take one step at a time. We really do not know what will be next.

*Richard Tarnas is the author of Cosmos and Psyche. There are a couple of videos in which he discusses his work. The above quote is from Part I of Cosmos and Psyche

2022: To Overcome

January New Moon, New Year: Clarity!

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ~Rumi

How simple and deeply profound. The words of Rumi bring peace to heart and mind. We struggle with trying to create balance when opposition exists. The mind is in a state of confusion when faced with this and that. We look for ways to reconcile that which is not in balance and harmony. We may not want to make a judgment and yet that may be what we end up doing when we think things exist in opposition.

Picture a field adorned perhaps with flowers and grasses that grow in abundance. The sky rises up endlessly from the horizon and is clear. We look up from our admiration of the floral carpet beneath our feet and become transfixed by seamless pale blue. The mind finds nothing to compare in this vast, unlimited vista. Within moments the individual is free from thinking in relative terms. That is our habit based on the nature of this duality within which we exist.

Stillness, peace in the absolute. The whole being can relax and know what it means when we are told,

“The Divine Mother takes care of everything. Why resist? Why worry?” We come to trust the quiet within that guides and informs us at all times. When we gaze at the endless sky nothing is out of place, nothing can be more, better or different. We have no expectations and so we rest.

A New Year, a water Tiger year (February 1st)! Tigers are fierce warriors and go it alone. They are the largest and most powerful of the cats. Known for agility (they can leap 26-32 ft.) and their ability to swim, tigers can tackle many obstacles successfully. There isn’t much that intimidates them. Tigers walk with supreme confidence.

This year will be markedly different than last year which was influenced by the metal Ox. Oxen are castrated bovine tat are docile and obedient. They are service animals that often work in pairs. Tigers are independent and solitary.

2022 will highlight our independent and fearless nature. We will have courage and wisdom to meet challenges and the confidence to follow through with our visions. We must listen deeply to our own intuition and to that which arises from our hearts. Fear resides in the mind, the heart is free to show patience, compassion and tolerance.

January is the month of Capricorn. We can give thanks for all the mountain goats who are patient and persistent as they pursue their goals with determination. Challenges are met with courage and a will to succeed! They will lead us higher as we seek to rise above any limiting circumstances. Capricorns are robust with an ability to resist illness. As focused as they are on work, they have no time to deal with sickness. Capricorn relates to structure, building and bringing together resources that successfully support any project.

With the New Moon in Capricorn we envision new structure that will support us on this journey as the old structure continues to crumble. Again we must take a look at the eccentric planet Uranus that invites us to rebel against control and limitation and to seek freedom. Uranus has been aspecting the New Moon since July of 2021 at which time it was quincunx or inconjunct (150 degree aspect) Sun/Moon. It’s influence is apparent in the upheaval that is taking place in the world environment. Uranus promotes change. It pushes, urges, pressures us to move beyond rules, regulations, boundaries that are suffocating us. We are not moving fast enough. Uranus promotes action without judgment. Change will occur! The Tower XIV of the major arcana exemplifies the energy of Uranus very well. Lightning strikes the tower and people fall from a height as the building collapses. This can happen suddenly so one needs to be prepared to give up whatever is limiting movement and not be too surprised if it is taken from us.

If we think again about the oppositional dynamic that we mentioned in the beginning of the article; there are those who have and those who have not. Now, it is true…this is as it is and has been, however the disparity between these two groups creates immense confusion, suffering and emotional discontent—unrest, not peace. We move in the direction of equality, balance and understanding that peace resides when the outer environment becomes a reflection of the inner environment or that which has been our true nature through eternity.

The Buddha-nature which is ours from the very beginning is like the sun which emerges from the clouds, or like a mirror which, when rubbed, regains its original purity and clarity. (217)” ~Edward Conze from Buddhist Scriptures

This is peace.

The New Moon in Capricorn at 12 degrees is almost mid-sign and in the second set of ten degrees or the second ‘decan’ ruled by Venus the ruler of the next earth sign, Taurus. This combination is hard work that does duty for the goddess of beauty and pleasure. Comfort has a lot to do with pleasure. We need to be comfortable before we can consider being pleased. Working towards a comfortable existence for the majority. That is the underlying objective with these astrological influences—Uranus, Capricorn, Venus and yet to be mentioned is Mercury in Aquarius the sign that is home to Uranus.

Mercury the messenger has just entered the sign of Aquarius, the voice of Reason, the voice of collective good, of that which serves an enlightened Life. We are challenged on an individual and a collective basis to embrace greater awareness and this we are doing! This is the time to reap the rewards for hard work accomplished in the past and utilize that powerful support system to gain ground in favour of enlightened society. This is the message of Mercury that is in Aquarius until the 27th of January when it retrogrades back into Capricorn.

Two steps forward, one step back! Cleaning up loose ends…break down, sweep out.

As Venus rules the Capricorn decan for this New Moon we also examine the position of this planet to see further into the vibration presented to us at this time. Goddess of Love conjuncts Pluto, God of the underworld. The motion is retrograde as of December 19th. We can be sure that there is some deep and unconscious revelation going on in terms of what values feel authentic and those that are simply arising from a place of relative desire. Not to dismiss those desires completely but to think a little about their origin and how might this serve me/us or not.

On January 6th Venus will exactly sextile (60 degree aspect-some ease) Neptune, planet of spiritual realization and hence also associated with illusion, fantasy and myth as many people may not clearly understand this aspect of human capacity—expressing Truth/Spirit in physical reality. We may waver between ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’. Perhaps wanting to create our perfect world but not quite realizing how to accomplish this. We are a work in progress! Perpetual change and motion! Just don’t stop, don’t resist. The machine is gaining speed (the Earth is actually speeding up its rotation, great article on by Jane Beitler on this subject) and we will keep pace!

Paradise is not some kind of enchanted land filled with flowers and music. It is not some kind of spiritual Disneyland. Paradise is our primordial pure consciousness, which is free of all limitations but embodies the infinity of the divine.” ~Anam Thubten from No Self No Problem

We talk every month about the energies of New Moon, Full Moon sometimes taking note of what may occur regarding these times in relation to these. What is also good to know is the motion of our machine and how the constant change from day one moves us whether we realize this or not. It all contributes. We are being moved whether we think it or not. This actually allows us, if we accept this, to utilize less effort in our daily lives to have things happen. We can be assured that it all will continue even without ‘my’ effort.

To paraphrase the enlightened teacher Robert Wolfe, Living Nonduality, “The world gets along just fine without my intervention.”

May 2022, a number six, as above so below, perfection, peace, harmony and equality be the year of greater awareness and overcoming divisive thoughts.